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Funeral service for Frankie Banali will be LIVE STREAMED world wide on Monday Nov 15th 2021

The postponed funeral service for Frankie Banali who passed away the last August  will be held on Sunday Nov 15th 2021 at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills California. Frankie had been our dearest ZEPPELIN brother playing with MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival since 2017 to 2019, and well known as a legendary Hard Rock drummer for long term work with Quiet Riot. The funeral service which has been postponed by COVID-19 situation will be LIVE STREAMED world wide for all his friends and fans there.   ; LIVE STREAMING of FUNERAL SERVICE FOR FRANKIE BANALI

[ Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening (JBLZE) MMXXI Tour ] has started

Finally! Jimmy Sakurai has been back to the States then JBLZE [ MMXXI Tour ] has started. You can get more info and tickets of each venue in your town at ; JBLZE official site

[ Jimmy Sakurai Plays ZEP ] celebrated 50th Anniversary of Led Zeppelin's First Japan visit

The last event of Jimmy Sakurai in Japan before he flied back to the States was [Jimmy Sakurai Plays ZEP ] was on September 23rd, 2021 at EX Theater Roppongi. It was very special show which was held on the same day of Led Zeppelin's first show at Budokan (Tokyo Japan) in 1971. The band [ Jimmy Sakurai Plays ZEP ] and amazing EX Theater Roppongi production team recreated the same set of the songs, performances on and the stage, poster and the ticket as the same design of 50 years ago.

Manager of MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival band, Sandi Oba passed

Sandi Oba, manager of MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival band passed away on June 30th 2021. she had been a professional in her carrier in music industries since '80s, then became the manager of MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival when Jimmy Sakurai started the band in the U.S in 2017.She had suffered with many difficulties of health condition for long term, however she had kept her smile amazingly and cared everyone with her beautiful soul. She ran the race and fought as hard as she could, and now rests in peace in Heaven. Deepest condolence to her family, and MR. JIMMY band would appreciate to all who had connected with her with the band through these years .
~July 2021

She is the most giving person I have met in my life, not only amazing dedication to MRJIMMY band, but cared everyone around her always with generous and kindness. I believe, I never could have not kept going on my activity in the States without her sincere support for me and my family practically and mentally that had been with us through good times and bad times. She had been the person to make the stage for me and the band by her constant hard working in background.
Dear Sandi, scencery our love and gratitude to you last forever.

~~Jimmy Sakurai

We MR. JIMMY band humbly would ask your favor if you would to show your warm thoughts to her and her family by donating this fundraiser to help her family for big medical expenses paid through these tough years. Sincerely appreciate your kind thoughts and support.

...Donation for Sandi Oba


On Sunday, March 7th at 2 pm PST/5 pm EST, join for great night of virtual music to support talent of music of next generation. For the fundraiser program of The David Z Foundation, Jimmy Sakurai performs [Good Times Bad Times] with Tony Franklin, Japanese girl drummer Yoyoka and Paulie Z who organizes this fundraiser to celebrate his birthday.

After the event, you can see the clips at ;

[Good Times Bad Times]
(Jimmy Sakurai(G) / Tony Franklin(B) / Paulie Z(Vo) / Yoyoka(Dr))

David Z Foundation Youtbe Channel

~March 2021

Jimmy Sakurai and Peter M Dowd are featured on the program of CREATIVE WORLD

Jimmy Sakurai and Peter Michael Dowd who is the director of the movie "Mr. Jimmy" were interviewed by Creative World which is featuring Japanese artist / business person who lives and works in The United States.

Much appreciation to staff and talent of Creative World.

~January 2021

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