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[Save CROCODILE! Enjoy LIVE music! Jimmy Sakurai Presents; Super ZEP Week]

...To support the legendary music club in Tokyo Harajuku Crocodile that has been a "home" of Japanese rock musicians since 1977, Jimmy Sakurai has presented special event to be done through  a week:  [Save CROCODILE! Enjoy LIVE music! Jimmy Sakurai Presents; Super ZEP Week] from Oct25 (Sun) to Oct31 (Sat), every night ZEPPELIN live and sessions.
The event was held under strict control to avoid infection of COVID-19, keeping social distance, wearing mask, body temperature measurement were required. We appreciate to all musicians and fans for their wonderful performance and contribution.

...November 2020

The heart of fans in Japan loving Frankie and respect to Mrs. Banali was delivered

The flower arrangement purchased by the donation of fans at EX Theater Roppongi on October 4th was delivered  to Banali's house in LA through MRJIMMY Office USA. It carries the heart of their friends in Japan loving Frankie and showing respect to Mrs. Regina Banali. We all hope the beauty of the flowers helps to take a part to ease her sorrow of missing a wonderful husband ever.

...November 2020

The memories of Frankie Banali was shared on the projection at  [ Jimmy Sakurai Plays ZEP ] on October 4th 2020

Special short clip edited by Kikuchi Film Works that is dedicated to the memories of Frankie Banali was shared on the projection on the screen on the back of the stage during the performance of "Thank You" in encore at  [Jimmy Sakurai Plays ZEP ] show on October 4th 2020.

[Thank You...dedicated to Frankie Banali] /Performed by Jimmy Sakurai Plays ZEP

[Thank You...dedicated to Frankie Banali] /Performed by Jimmy Sakurai Plays ZEP

Jimmy Sakurai & EX Theater Roppongi dedicate the show  [ Jimmy Sakurai Plays ZEP ] on October 4th 2020 in memory of Frankie Banali

Jimmy Sakurai's special project named [Jimmy Sakurai Plays ZEP] which is assembled with Japanese musicians to perform Led Zeppelin music in Japan has a show at EX Theater Roppongi where the annual event of MRJIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival Show has been held.
The band and venue decided to have this show as a commemorative occasion to Frankie Banali who has passed on August 20th. Frankie had sat on the drums on this stage at the shows [Listen To This Eddie 1977] in 2018 and [Back To Knebworth 1979] in 2019.
The team of EX Theater has enthusiastically dedicated to realize the concept of MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival for all the shows here, and the show in 2019 was particularly memorable which was held under the tough condition of Frankie's fight to stage 4 cancer. Frankie accomplished his part through 3 and a half hours show outstandingly, and gave everyone encouragement and impression.
Frankie had kept his wishes to go to Japan again this year and play with Jimmy Sakurai at EX Theater even till the last day of his life. No matter how bad he got towards the end and Frankie and his wife Mrs. Regina Banali kept hoping he would have another upswing. The hope hadn't faded away from him untill the end.
For in Memory of Frankie Banali as the special existance to all people who has loved him in Japan, the band, team and audience will have prayer time in the show and set a donation box for the flower gift to Frankie's family as a sincere tribute to them from their friends in Japan.
...September 2020

The Movie "Mr. Jimmy" to be featured at Richmond International Film Festival

The documentary movie of Jimmy Sakurai [Mr. Jimmy] directed by  Peter Michael Dowd honored to be featured at  Richmond International Film Festival 2020.

On September 12th, the movie will be played on the big screen. And streaming (for Greater Richmond, Virginia area only) in their virtual cinema at home. Please follow [Mr. Jimmy Movie] Facebook for more information.

...August 2020


Honored to announce that the movie "Mr. Jimmy"  won Best Documentary at the

Richmond International Film Festival.

Congratulations the director Peter Michael Dowd and the team!

...September 2020

Frankie Banali shares his memory of his first encounter with Led Zeppelin at Live in 1969, an outtake clip from the movie "Mr. Jimmy"

From an out takes of the movie [Mr. Jimmy], Frankie Banali shares his memory of his first encounter with Led Zeppelin at his age 17. It happened at Thee Image Club in Miami, February 14, 1969, on Led Zeppelin's first US tour. As he says it had changed his life, and we know the bond with Jimmy Sakurai to play Led Zeppelin music in later decades has started at that moment...

...August 2020

MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival's drummer Frankie Banali passed on August 20th, 2020

Frankie Banali passed on August 20th, 2020 at age 68 after brave fight to pancreas cancer. He is well known as the drummer of worldwide multi-platinum album heavy metal band Quiet Riot in '80s, but also faithfully influenced by John Bonham so that led to Jimmy Sakurai since 2010, then he had spent the last 3 years fo his life as the main drummer of MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival loving to play his favorite, Led Zeppelin music played with Jimmy Sakurai. He announced his tough condition as a stage 4 cancer patient, however he came to Japan and played 3hours special revival show of Led Zeppelin's Knebworth 1979 that was held at EX Theater Roppongi on December 20th, 2019.
He was also known as a cultural person having a  sincere knowledge to Japanese culture and history such as tea ceremony and Katana.
The tight bond of Jimmy and Frankie with respect and love to music created the magic of the chemistry with passion on the stage. The brotherhood of those 2 men will last to the end of the Stair way To Heaven. Rest In Peace, Frankie Banali. You are eternally loved, and we swear to you to fight for the real live music alive. May God bless his family and all beloved.

....August 2020

Jimmy Sakurai joined Live Streaming of Stairway To Zeppelin by video from Japan

Jimmy Sakurai was invited to the live streaming event "Stairway To Zeppelin", a special session hosted by Keith St. John & Monsters Of Rock Cruise. You can see Jimmy Sakurai joining on the stage from Japan by video filmed by Kikuchi Film Works.

...July 2020

Screenshot_2020-07-30 (1) Facebook.png
We LIVE! [ Jimmy Sakurai Plays ZEP ] performs at CROCODILE Club in Tokyo, Japan on August 15th, 2020

LIVE Music never die in any tough situation.
In place of the performance of MRJIMMY LZR in Japan that was planned in 2020, which was canceled due to strict regulations that could not cross borders caused by COVID19,
Jimmy Sakurai decided to perform LIVE with a special band [Jimmy Sakurai Plays ZEP] to be consisted with the members inside of Japan.
The event will be executed implementing the best preventive measures according to Japanese standards. The number of spectators will be reduced to capacity that is for all spectators will be seated in chairs arranged so that they can keep a distance from each other, and no standing spectators will enter. In addition, non-contact body temperature measurement will be performed at the entrance to thoroughly disinfect.
In this way, we will take as much preventive measures as possible to complete our mission of reviving the live power that can directly deliver the sound emitted from the amplifier to the audience.


...July 2020

MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival Special Session [ WANTON SONG ] on FaceBook

MR.JIMMY -Led Zeppelin Revival with guest super 4 sticks Frankie Banali, performing [WantonSong ] which was recorded in 4 separate locations / Film editing and sound by KIKUCHI FILM WORKS

Due to a technical issue with Youtube, the platform for watch party of [Wanton Song] has been switched to Facebook / MR. JIMMY Official Fan Page

and on MR.JIMMY-JimmySakurai official Facebook.

...(Updated on July 3rd)

Jimmy Sakurai became the first opener of the Japanese edition of Jimmy Page's "The Anthology"

Jimmy Sakurai had a shooting of the footage of promoting "The Anthology" Japanese version that is now ready to watch on Shinko- Music / MUSIC LIFE WEB.  Enjoy a brief look of the super photo book of Mr. Jimmy Page's legendary items.

...June 2020

Part 1



IMG_4867 2.JPG
PFoZ / Led Zeppelin Cover " Carouselambra " featuring  Jimmy Sakurai

Music won't stop even under the situation of a pandemic has been blocking all live performance! Jimmy Sakurai performed for an online session playing rare cover of Led Zeppelin "Carouselambra" with the musicians of Peoples Front Of Zeppelin, Now it is available on Youtube.

...June 2020

All shows in the States, Canada announced after April 2020 are postponed or canceled due to COVID19. Please stay tune this website for the update.
...April 2020
Anniversary year for Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening... 2020 Ten Years Gone Tour announced

Time to JBLZE your summer ! Amazing 10 years for Jason’s JBLZE , so honor to now be part of this legend. Let’s Celebrate.

The first show of JBLZE in 2020 is on April 29th at , WaNee Festival in Florida. Ticket & details at JBLZE Official website.

...March 2020

MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival East Coast Tour 2020 [ Spinning Back To 1972 ] goes on

MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival East Coast tour [Spinning Back To 1972] has been going on . PleasecCheck SCHEDULE page for detail & ticket information.

During the tour MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival had a wonderful talking with great DJ at 88.3 FM Pittsburgh, Mr. Eric Jackson Lurie before the show at Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh.

...March 2020

The film [Mr. Jimmy] has kept on being featured at worldwide film festivals in 2020

Since its world premier held at SXSW in March 2019, the movie [Mr. Jimmy] directed by Peter Michael Dowd has kept on being featured at worldwide film festivals, and has honored several prizes and beautiful reviews. Stay tuned on Mr. Jimmy Movie  Facebook for update.

...January 2020

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