On Sunday, March 7th at 2 pm PST/5 pm EST, join for great night of virtual music to support talent of music of next generation. For the fundraiser program of The David Z Foundation, Jimmy Sakurai performs [Good Times Bad Times] with Tony Franklin, Japanese girl drummer Yoyoka and Paulie Z who organizes this fundraiser to celebrate his birthday.

After the event, you can see the clips at ;

[Good Times Bad Times]
(Jimmy Sakurai(G) / Tony Franklin(B) / Paulie Z(Vo) / Yoyoka(Dr))

David Z Foundation Youtbe Channel

~March 2021

Jimmy Sakurai and Peter Dowd are featured on the program of CREATIVE WORLD

Jimmy Sakurai and Peter Michael Dowd who is the director of the movie "Mr. Jimmy" were interviewed by

Creative World which is featuring Japanese artist / business person who lives and works in The United States.

Much appreciation to staff and talent of Creative World.

~January 2021