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MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival

MR.JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival was formed to revive the “Real Live experience of Led Zeppelin “.


Jimmy Sakurai formed this band on the belief that the art of Led Zeppelin must be evaluated and performed in the same sense of traditional masterpieces of music.

The band must perform and strive to be a revival band and not just “tribute or cover band”.    As a revival band the music must be performed accordingly to the original intentions of the composers.   The music must carry the art and the intensity of the live performances instead of offering only the standard score from audio recordings.


Jimmy Sakurai believes that Led Zeppelin’s music is not only comprehensive art of audio but of the magic that is created on stage due to the musical chemistry and expression between the band members.  MR. JIMMY cast all find this to be true and dress for the specific era being performed.  They find that this draws the audience into the feel and vibe of each concert.   The audience find themselves immersed

into the revival world of Led Zeppelin as the MR. JIMMY Cast, utilizing the exact musical gear of the era being performed to optimize the sound that was heard originally along with their mastery of the style and energy of the Led Zeppelin tours.


The cast members of MR.JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival have a deep love and commitment to the magical art of Led Zeppelin, and to bringing to their audience both new and old the essential splendor of the original live performances.

MR.JIMMY hope that their passion and dedication brings the energy of Led Zeppelin concerts that will generate more love for their music into the 21st Century



Jimmy Sakurai

Founder & Guitarist :

MR.JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival

Guitarist: Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Evening (JBLZE)

August Young

Vocalist : MR.JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival 

Vocalist: The Avitators

Derek Smith

Drummer & Percussionist :

MR.JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival 


Alexis Angel

Bass & Keyboard :

MR.JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival 


Sean Mullaney

Vocalist :

MR.JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival

Musical Actor : Jesus Christ Superstar(Jesus)/ RENT(Roger)


[R.I P.]  Frankie Banali

(1951.11.14 - 2020.8.20)

Drummer & Percussionist :

MR.JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival 

Drummer & Leader : QUIET RIOT

Our respect and love to you last forever.



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