New photography collection of Jimmy Sakurai by Randy Johnson from JBLZE Autumn tour 2019

New beautiful photo from Randy Johnson, world famous MLB player and now outstanding photographer visited JBLZE show at Comerica Theatre, Phoenix, AZ on September 26th 2019. Randy has been a good friend of Jimmy Sakurai to share their enthusiastic study of the depth of the art of Led Zeppelin since he had visited MR. JIMMY shows in Japan in 2010. He has kept on shooting the magical moments of Jimmy Sakurai on the stage with his great eyes of new profession.

...Deceember 2019

[ Mr. Jimmy ]  Movie has been getting compliment at world wide film festivals, wining prizes inside and outside of U.S.A.

MR. JIMMY MOVIE was honored to receive the Lotte Grand Jury Prize in Jecheon, Korea International Film Festival in August 2019. The esteemed jury consisted of Mr. Stanley Kwan (ROUGE), Mr. Nashen Moodley (Director, Sydney Film Festival), Mr. Danis Tanović (NO MAN'S LAND), and Ms. Beck Una (Film Journalist). Here is Mr. Kwan's presentation speech:
"This fascinating journey, over the course of 35 years, is filled with drama and evermore complex expression of his devotion, contributing to a film that constantly engages and educates us. For this layered, detailed, and entertaining portrait of a man who takes devotion and precision to an extreme level, the jury awards the LOTTE award to MR. JIMMY directed by Peter Michael Dowd."

MR. JIMMY MOVIE has been invited continuously by world wide film festivals The film was awarded the jury prize of Best Music Documentary at Nashville Film Festivalin in October 2019 and at the same time chosen as an audience favorite. Then also won the Programmers' Choice award at the Naples International Film Festival in Naples, Florida in November.

...December 2019

MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival  welcoming the brave cancer fighter Frankie Banali on the cast of the special show at EX Theater Roppongi in Tokyo on December 20th 2019

Frankie Banali, who sat on the drums at the debut show of MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival at Whisky A Go Go in 2017 and also at the revival show held at EX Theater Roppongi in December 2018 revealed that he’s been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. However, MR. JIMMY and Frankie have been sharing a strong confidence to realize the upcoming special show in December 2019 at EX Theater reviving Led Zeppelin's 1979 Knebworth together.Jimmy Sakurai proclaims to fans;
"Dear fans in Japan, my dearest and most respectful brother Frankie Banali -san's fighting disease was announced. But don't worry! You will surely see his great drumming at MRJIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival show at the EX Theater Roppongi on Friday, December 20th! He & I, August and Otsuka, and all wonderful staff at EX Theater have already started to prepare for this special show. Both the stage set and performance will be the best show in the EX theater performances so far. Please look forward to the day in anticipation. And send him an ale and love!"

...December 2019

MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival special show in 2019 at EX Theater Roppongi revives [Knebworth 1979]

Annual special event, MRJIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival show at the EX Theater Roppongi is on Friday, December 20th 2019. This year MR. JIMMY and EX Theater staff revive Led Zeppelin's 1979 Knebworth show.  Amazing stage sets by production team of EX Theater, specially recreated stage outfits, and real sound played with real vintage equipment are recreated in EX Theater and take you back to the legendary night of Knebworth outdoor theater in 1979.

...October 2019

The Cast of MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival [Back to Knebworth 1979];

Jimmy Sakurai (Guitar)

August Young (Vocal)

Jin Otsuka (Bass & Keyboard)

Frankie Banali (Drums)

JBLZE at legendary venues on tour, and headliner shows on winter tour 2019 announced

JBLZE is on tour with Peter Frampton, all the member of JBLZE enjoyed the stages at legendary venues of Led Zeppelin performed, including Madison Square Garden (Sept 13), LA Forum (Oct 5).

And the headline shows of JBLZE on their winter tour 2019 is just announced. Stay tune at Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening Official Site

...October 2019

Jimmy Sakurai and Peter Michael Dowd on the interview and the showcase of the band MR. JIMMY at Aspen Mountain Film Festival 2019

During a brief interval of summer & autumn tour of JBLZE, Jimmy Sakurai flied to Colorado with Peter Dowd the directer of the movie [Mr. Jimmy] to be invited as the guest at Aspen Mountain Film Festival. The two appeared on the interview by The Lift at the film festival, and the band MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival knocked out the audience at Belly Up Aspen by reviving Led Zeppelin's 1973 set.

...August 2019

JBLZE joins Peter Frampton's Farewell Tour in Summer to Autumn 2019, and full Headline Shows in November

Through June to October in 2019, Jimmy Sakurai tours with JBLZE (Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening) joining Peter Frampton on his farewell tour. Some of legendary  venues in the history of Led Zeppelin, Madison Square Garden NY/LA The Forum are in the list, so don't miss visiting JBLZE official site for more info.

...June 2019

The movie [Mr. Jimmy] has been appearing at world wide film festivals

After the world premier at SXSW , the film [Mr. Jimmy] has been featured continuously at world wide film festivals. U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Korea, Brazil, Germany and Spain... Please follow Mr. Jimmy Movie official Facebook page for update.

...May 2019

Rolling Stone , Hollywood Reporters reviewing Mr. Jimmy Movie as a remarkable movie at SXSW 2019

The film MR. JIMMY is featured at Rolling Stone website as one of the "25 Movies We Can't Wait at SXSW2019" by the senior editor Lil Peep.

The movie "Mr. Jimmy" is also reviewed nicely by Hollywood Reporters.

...April 2019

Blast nights in Austin, Texas! The film "Mr. Jimmy" honored 3 times premiere at SXSW 2019, and the band MR. JIMMY performed as SXSW Music Artist

The film MR. JIMMY directed by Peter Michael Dowd was premiering 3 times at the South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conference & Festivals celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film, and music industries from March 8-17, 2019 in Austin, TX. All of 3 times of premiering at theater were sold out, and got fully compliment by audience and media from all over the world.

Thank you to Peter Michael Dowd producer for all hard work in bringing the passion of Jimmy Sakurai to revive real live energy of Led Zeppelin to the film.

Also the band MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival was honored to perform as SXSW Music Artist on March 13th 2019 at Dirty Dog Bar in Austin.
Packed audience became the witness of the reality of "Not a tribute, but the revival" that the movie "Mr. Jimmy" tells by the experience of MR. JIMMY's performance of reviving Led Zeppelin's 1972 live set.
...April 2019

The Cast of MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival at SXSW2019 showcase;

Jimmy Sakurai (Guitar)

August Young (Vocal)

John Paul Joel (Bass & Keyboard)

Cody Tarbell (Drums)

MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival show  [ Blue Berry Hill 1970 ] at Whisky A Go Go on Feb 23, 2019 were packed and blessed by wonderful guests and energetic audience

Big appreciation to wonderful audience and guests came to packed show at Whisky A Go Go MR. JIMMY performing "Blue Berry Hill" on February 23rd 2019. MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival thanks to all who enjoyed the show, and to dear legendary MLB player and talented photographer Mr. Randy Johnson, the rock legend Traci Gans and Joey Tahola bringing positive energy to the backstage at Whisky and the Rainbow!

...March 2019

Jimmy Sakurai and August Young at [ A Night Of Jimmy Page ] the special event of ULTIMATE JAM NIGHT

Jimmy Sakurai, August Young, and  Joel Pelletier performed with great musicians at ULTIMATE JAM NIGHT presents [Jimmy Page Night] from Whisky A GoGo, on RYouLive live streaming on Tuesday, February 26. Click the link of a message from Jimmy Sakurai for this special event.

...February 2019

Jimmy Sakurai appears on several programs broadcasted by NHK, the national broadcast station of Japan

During a winter vacation in Japan after the special revival show of [Listen To This Eddie ---Led Zeppelin 1977 ] at EX Theater Roppongi, Tokyo on December 2018, Jimmy Sakurai has been appearing on several broadcasting program of NHK, a national broadcast station of Japan.

The Interview by Shunkichi Sato, the caster of [ Niigata News 610 ] the evening news of NHK Niigata broadcasted on the end of the last December was very highly appreciated, so that it will be broadcasted as the special program for nationwide network of NHK that covers all over Japan on February 28th, 2019.NHK Niigata also will have another opportunity to introduce Jimmy Sakurai as a remarkable local person in a special program [ Kiratto Niigata ] on February 22nd.

...February 2019

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