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Jimmy Sakurai in Japan, July & August 2017

Jimmy Sakurai has been spending summer in Japan for 2 special event. On July 29th  "THE ACOUSTIC  PAGES" will play various works of Jimmy Page's career in acoustic style, and on August 15th "Super ZEP Session" that will be precious opportunity of Japanese Led Zeppelin tribute band members meeting together by the calling of Jimmy Sakurai.   

...July 2017

Jimmy Sakurai's message to supporters for Ishinomaki


Cameraman Ivan Kovak and sound engineer Jeffrey Jousan from the movie "Mr. Jimmy"  are raising money to support their Documentary Film Making Course and Music Video and Documentary Short Film Festival in Ishinomaki, Japan, the area devastated by the earthquake and Tsunami on March 11th, 2011. Jeffrey and Ivan have worked closely with local people right after the Tohoku earthquake and have produced a number of documentaries broadcasted by TV. They are trying to support the people of Ishinomaki by providing a chance for their possibilities with creating a film. As I know myself having been impressed by movies and music all through my life and knowing the joy of playing music, I would like to cheer for this project that Ishinomaki people will discover their own creative abilities and get the force to go forward.This will be really an incredible opportunity of testifying the power of entertainment.

...July 2017

Documentary film "MR. JIMMY" Director Peter M. Dowd

Introducing the works of Peter Michael Dowd, Director of forthcoming Documentary Film of Jimmy Sakurai [ MR. JIMMY ] . The shooting of the movie is almost finished, and it is expected to be completed next year.

...June 2017

MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival ’s debut show rocked the legendary Whiskey A Go Go

MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival US debut show was held on April 30, 2017 at the famous Whisky A Go Go , Sunset Strip in West Hollywood California. Welcoming a special drummer Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot), the band revived "Led Zeppelin’s early years 1969 – 1970" that was splendid. Through 3 hours show without no opening act, the outstanding chemistry of the magic of Led Zeppelin's music that was brought by the members of MR. JIMMY onto the stage rocked the full house audience, brought them back to the legendary show held at the same club where the young Led Zeppelin performed at their first US tour in 1969. The show was blessed with packed audience and wonderful friends who gathered there to celebrate "the first stone" placed on new legendary path of MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival.

...May 2017

The cast ;

[MR. JIMMY / Early Days Of Led Zeppelin 1969-70] on April 30th,2017

Jimmy Sakurai (Guitar)

Frankie Banali (Percussionist / from QUIET RIOT)

Shawn Kelly (Voice)

Scott Hathaway (Bass & Keyboard)

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