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HISTORY of MR. JIMMY / Jimmy Sakurai

2017  The Led Zeppelin Revival - MR. JIMMY

Jimmy Sakurai parts way with Led Zepagin in January 2017 to follow his passion and vision of forming a Revival Band to allow fans and audiences to transport back to musical history of Led Zeppelin.  In appreciation and respect of those fans whose dedication to Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Sakurai, he wanted to create a performance that embraces the “Led Zeppelin live experience”.

Studying the transforming musical and performance styles of Led Zeppelin throughout their music career, MR. JIMMY has painstaking collected the vintage instruments and equipment, replicas of dress match to each era as the important part of express particular world of each Led Zeppelin's live performance. The hand picked band member who are die hard Led Zeppelin fans and work ambitiously to do justice to the Led Zeppelin. Their performances generate the energy and passion that Led Zeppelin had during their growth from club band to major arenas.  This is not just a music concert, but a superb experience of riding time machine to '70s that the music was living in their passion. By the dedication through the decades to Led Zeppelin music of each member of MR. JIMMY to master the aura and energy of the Led Zeppelin experience realizes the extraordinaly entertainment experiense. A commitment to provide the real experience, yet be spontaneous to connect with their audience in the moment and transport them back to a time where the music and vibe of Led Zeppelin lives on.

MR. JIMMY’s debut show was on April 30, 2017 at the famous Whiskey a Go Go on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood California, with special guest drummer Franki Banali (Quiet Riot) reviving Led Zeppelin’s early years 1969 – 1970.  It was an epic 3 hours show without no opening act tracing the legendary memory of at the club where young Led Zeppelin performed on the same stage in their first 1969 USA Tour.       

The reaction from audience and fans was enthusiastic.  The fans who grew up with Led Zeppelin felt transported back to when they had first watched Led Zeppelin and the new generations of fans felt another level of dedication to the music of Led Zeppelin as they experienced the chemistry and intensity of The Led Zeppelin Revival, MR. JIMMY.

2014 – 2016

With Led Zepagain, Jimmy Sakurai performed the epic series of concerts at the EX Theatre  Roppongi, Tokyo  Japan (owned by TV Asahi Broadcasting) during these years. Jimmy Sakurai's top vision was able to fully demonstrated at the shows in Japan where had already fully appreciated his special style by MRJIMMY 's over 20 years of career there. By the extraordinary collaboration with the wonderful team of the Theater and Jimmy Sakurai as a musical conductor. Each Concert was over 3 hours replicating the ambitious live performances of Led Zeppelin.  Each year the concert was rejuvenated based on significant performance style by Led Zeppelin.

2014   Musical History of Led Zeppelin

...Songs from all through Led Zeppelin’s discography, performed several of the songs that were never played at live in Led Zeppelin.

2015   Earl's Court 1975

...The legendary concert of Led Zeppelin at Earl's Court Arena in London, May 1975.

2016   Led Zeppelin  4TH Night Of Madison Square Garden 1973

...Led Zeppelin concert held for three days at Madison Square Garden in 1973.
The imaginaly show that expressed a visionary night of if there was a concert on the 4th night.

2014       Back In The USA   – Led Zepagain

In June of 2014, Jimmy Sakurai was recruited from Japan to perform with the Led Zeppelin tribute Band Led Zepagain as their guitarist to the delight of his fans in the U.S.  Led Zepagain toured through the U.S. and Canada and was with featured on AXS TV – The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands.

2012 Mr. Jimmy Page came to MR. JIMMY show in Tokyo

"WITH RESPECT, Rock on and good luck with the music

...Jimmy Page".


On October 12th 2012, Mr.Jimmy Page (LED ZEPPELIN) came to MR.JIMMY show. As MRJIMMY featuring Jimmy Sakurai geared up for a performance in a club filled to capacity for his concert, there was a wave of silence as the audience realized that Mr. Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) had entered the club.  Eyeing the stage, Mr. Page made his way up to the stage, shook hands with his Japanese guitar doppelganger and pointed to the 1959 Les Paul slung on Jimmy Sakurai’s shoulder, winked and letting out a satisfied “Ahh!”

As Jimmy Sakurai played “the Song Remains The Same”, Mr. Page leaned forward, listening intently, and he tapped the table matching the particular mood and rhythm of the 1973 rendition that Jimmy Sakurai performed.  When the band finished the 20 minute song  “Dazed and Confused” which includes Jimmy Sakurai’s rendition of the famous bow guitar and improvisation came to a close, Jimmy Page was the first to stand and applaud with a huge smile on his face.

Jimmy Page was so impressed with Jimmy Sakurai concert that he invited Jimmy Sakurai to attend the Reception Party for the release of Led Zeppelins concert film “Celebration Day” (Warner Japan).  At the reception party, Mr. Page embraced Jimmy Sakurai and asked “Last night, your playing was awesome.  How did you master that long song so perfectly ?”   
Jimmy Sakurai replied “Because all the music you created is wonderful, I’ve listened to it again and again for most of my life.”  Mr. Page gave Jimmy Sakurai a great compliment when he said “You remind me of the initial fresh urge and intentions of playing guitar” He then hugged Jimmy Sakurai again and presented him with a signature message:  

‘WITH RESPECT, Rock on and Good Luck with the Music “   - Jimmy Page

2011 VONZEP "The tribute to Zeppelin by original songs"

In 2011, Jimmy Sakurai started a project to challenge tribute to Led Zeppelin by performing original songs in the style of Led Zeppelin that he had studied and covering their songs with new arrangement as well.  This project brought together musicians with great love for the music of Led Zeppelin.  These skilled musicians formed VONZEP.  VONZEP released a self-titled album featuring 2 original songs and 2 Led Zeppelin covers.  VONZEP toured in Japan to enthusiastic crowds and sold out shows in Tokyo and Shizuoka.

VONZEP members came from:

Jimmy Sakurai (G) ... Led Zepplin Revival band MR. JIMMY guitarist

Chris Slade ( Dr) ... AC/DC  , The Firm w/ Jimmy Page

Swan Montgomery (Vo) ... Led Zepagain  - Los Angeles Led Zepelin Tribute Band

Jim Wootten (B & K) ...  Led Zepagain – Los Angeles Led Zepelin Tribute Band

2010 Jimmy Sakurai – Rocking the USA


As Jimmy Sakurai’s skills and beautiful mastery of the guitar focused on his passion for Led Zeppelin spread in Japan and on the internet he drew more International interest.  This led to invitations for him to come to the United States In January 2010 to perform as a guest guitarist at the House Of Blues Sunset Strip in West Hollywood California, with a popular Los Angeles Led Zeppelin Tribute band “Led Zeppagain “.
This was also the first opportunity to perform with Mr.Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot) who was invited as guest drummer as well and became the beginning of respectful fellowship sincerely through the music of  Led Zeppelin.

1994 Jimmy Sakurai started MR. JIMMY in Tokyo,Japan


The history of MR. JIMMY started in 1994, formed by Jimmy Sakurai who had studied Jimmy Page playing style since he was 17 years old. From the beginning of MRJIMMY, he stuck to reproducing the passion and energy of the live which is the highlight of the attraction of Led Zeppelin rather than the mere reproduction of the studio version. His commitment was pursued thoroughly not only to the performance method, but also costumes and instruments that is the same that Zeppelin used at each era. At the time the Internet was just beginning to spread, then the reputation of MRJIMMY reached the outside of Japan, its extraordinary ability to reproduce Led Zeppelin's live performance was highly appreciated by Zeppelin lovers around the world.

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