MR. JIMMY Special show  in Japan on December 21 2018 [Rock Show Revival - The Last US Tour Of Led Zeppelin 1977] Special Concert In Japan On December 21st, 2018 Is Annouced


A concert not to be missed as the members of Mr. Jimmy channel their respect, passion and love for Led Zeppelin in to a transcendent evening of artistry.
You will be transported back to that era through the magic of the production team with full blown fantastic stage productions, a frenzy of explosions, lazor effects and more… including Mr. Jimmy members commanding the same vintage instruments and signature costumes used on the original 1977 US tour.

The sponsor TV Asahi, which is the major broadcasting company in Japan and the owners of the famous EX Theatre Roppongi in Tokyo as well is promoting this special show through media outlets, so please be looking forward to see Mr. Jimmy promotions on those.

...September 2018

MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival [Listen To This Eddie : The last US Tour Of Led Zeppelin 1977 ]


Jimmy Sakurai ( G)

Frankie Banaki ( Dr )

August Young (Vo)

Jonesy Otsuka ( B/ Key)

 [A Tale Of Jimmy Sakurai - MR. JIMMY -]  Has Been Released in Japan

The story of Jimmy Sakurai from his early childhood in the snowy country side of a Japan Island to his present day preforming with Mr. Jimmy in the US and touring internationally with Jason Bonham Led Zeppelin Evening.

Jimmy’s passion and perseverance to bring the music of Led Zeppelin to music lovers and transport them back into the magical live performances from every era.   From his first guitar purchased by his parents to the Led Zeppelin album that ignited the fire to honor Led Zeppelin by letting others experience the emotionally rich and complex music that they created in a true revival format.

A story that touches your heart as Jimmy goes through trial and tribulations to reach his dreams.

For more information, RITTO MUSIC INC.

English versions of the biography may be available in the near future.

...July 2018

**Introduction by : Masahiro Takashima  ( Japanese Actor)

** Photo Credit (cover photo):  Randy Johnson  ( Photographer/ US Major League Baseball Pitcher)

UPDATE: The Tale Of Jimmy Sakurai became weekly best seller at Amazon Japan

Big gratitude to the fans and supporters, The Tale Of Jimmy Sakurai – MR. JIMMY  has become a best seller on Amazon Japan in the first week of its release in July 2017.

...August 2018

MR. JIMMY  welcomes  August Young as the premier vocalist for MR. JIMMY Led Zeppelin Revival

We are proud to present our August Young as our premier cast member for MR. JIMMY .

His debut on August 10th, 2018 at Molly Malone’s performing a 4 hours live version of “Listen To This Eddie 1977” was a phenomenal success.   August voice is accomplished and his raw talent allows him to maneuver through the eras of Led Zeppelin.   Jimmy enjoys performing with him as his stage presence is playful and poignant so Led Zeppelin fans will have a great time picking out those moments that they have watched on media or experienced by themselves at a live Led Zeppelin Concert.

JBLZE Summer Tour 2018 Media Review And Photo Gallery

Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Evening (JBLZE)  finished the JUKEBOX HERO’s TOUR featuring WHITESNAKE and FOREIGNER as the headliner celebrating their 40th Anniversary.
Jimmy Sakurai deeply appreciates all the fan who came to the shows . And also would like to send sincere gratitude outstanding talented musicians of the band JBLZE, James Dylan, Dorian Heartsong, Alex Howland, especially Jason Bonham whose warm consideration of the members.  Also to all great musicians of Foreigner and Whitesnake for their generouse attitude and kindness through the tour, whose ability to inspire not only the musicians but the fans is truly beautiful.
Great thanks to the hard working crew, always trying to make things easier for the band , without them there is no show.

JBLZE has great feedback from media.


Jimmy Sakurai had wonderful time in Australia and New Zealand at JBLZE Down Under Tour 2018.  It’s a beautiful place and he is so appreciated to good reviews of  the shows. He looks forward to performing there again.





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